Recruit easier than ever with Toucan

Toucan is a comprehensive and user-friendly tool which:

  • Helps effectively conduct an interview
  • Tracks data of candidates and campaigns
  • Analyzes collected data and compares candidates

Remove the need for spreadsheets and optimize flow of documents in the office

Replace the paper-based recruitment process. Manage, schedule and perform interviews with your candidates in one place easier and faster.

Innovative time saving tool

Take control over your recruitment processes. Innovative interview mode allows to preview the documents, create hand-written notes (using a stylus) and enter additional information (such as e.g. salary expectation).

Now you can have all necessary information in one place with no need of searching.

Intuitive dashboard

Simple and intuitive dashboard provides list of all upcoming interviews assigned to the recruiter.

From within this dashboard the recruiter can also easily preview the candidate’s profile (including all attached documents), start or reschedule the interview.

All necessary information in one place

Check your candidates list and quickly look through profiles of all candidates that applied to your company.

Search and filter the list by multiple criteria. Schedule or reschedule an interview and assign recruiters to interviews. Preview a candidate’s profile, add a new candidate profile manually or automatically.

Data of all candidates in one place

Digital hand-written notes

Documents preview mode

Simple and intuitive dashboard

Easy to make and edit candidate’s profile

Calendar with all scheduled interviews synchronized with Google Calendar

Automate your recruitment

Customize every aspect of your workday and automate tasks, emails, interview status updates, and more.

You will never lose interview notes again

Create e-notes during the interview and save them automatically in your Toucan account. Analyze, change and remove them anytime you want, wherever you want.

Save candidates answers from the interview.

With Toucan You can entirely focus on people not the paperwork
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